Team Chemtrail Challenge Coin

Team Chemtrail Challenge Coin

  • $ 20.00

Fresh out of the ChemWorks, in classic aviation tradition, we bring to you the official Team Chemtrail Challenge Coin!  Declare your loyalty and challenge that of others at the bar by slamming one of these bad boys on the counter, or welcome a deserving wingman into the squadron with one.  Our coin features the trademark Team Chemtrail "SprayAndPray" patch on the front, and introduces the more sinister "Bury 'Em" logo now also available as both patch & decal.

History: The tradition of the challenge coin harkens back to the days of World War I, when a young American aviator from a wealthy background had custom coins minted with his squadron's emblem and presented them as gifts to his fellow pilots.  One of the pilots was shot down not long after and captured by the Germans.  He managed to escape only to be "recaptured" by the French who thought he was spy and were about to execute him.  Unable to speak French, he thought quick and showed them his squadron coin.  They recognized the emblem and it saved his life.  Upon reuniting with his squadron he recounted his adventure and it became policy for all pilots to carry their coins as "life insurance." In order to ensure compliance, they would "challenge" each other at the bar after missions.  Any pilot could initiate a challenge by slamming their coin down on the counter, which would require everyone else to do the same.  Anyone caught without their coin was required to buy round of drinks for everyone present, however, if everyone else had their coins then the person who initiated the challenge was required to buy a round of drinks.  Since then various twists and rules have been customized by different units, both aviation and otherwise.  Do you have yours?...cause we're thirsty!