About TeamChemtrail

Welcome to the world of our Southern California Chemtrail operation! We are happy to present to you the official TeamChemtrail website where we work hard to bring forth some of the most entertaining pilot products you can find. Deep in the Chemworks we are constantly working hard to bring you new and improved ways of enlightening and scaring all conspiracy theorists.


Our operation took off unexpectedly after creating our TeamChemtrail patch and selling it to a few friends. Before we knew it the worldwide web had created a firestorm of orders and controversy, and we realized we had to grow fast to meet the excitement generated!


Our team is built up from some of the most entertaining pilots found throughout the country. We have flight instructors, corporate pilots, airline pilots, and student pilots all who love spreading the good word on the truth about the chemtrails they spread. Our head designer Tom (aka Maverick) is the brain behind all of the great products that come forth from the Chemworks!


Follow us on Instagram @Teamchemtrail or our Facebook page! We are always looking for new pilots who are as excited about finally telling the truth about chemtrails!!