Welcome to The ChemWorks...

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     WE FINALLY HAVE A WEBSITE!!!  While Team Chemtrail's home will always be Instagram, we're surprised, in a good way, that we've outgrown that medium as a way to provide you with high-quality, fun products to represent living the "ChemLife" and to build camaraderie among fellow Sprayers.  We are now able to fulfill the demands of the masses in a more efficient manner, and in doing so, begin to...spray a wider pattern.  ;)

     Enter "The ChemWorks"...  We didn't invent the idea of Team Chemtrail, we were simply a part of it and saw a need.  Here among the Chem residue and smell of jet fuel, we devise schemes, tinker with ideas, and breathe life into those creations we deem fit for you.

     We're incredibly thrilled about this next step and hope you are too!  We're always open to suggestions and want your input! In the meantime... Spray and Pray!


(and now for legal... All images, artwork, logos, and designs on TeamChemtrail and ChemWorks' products, websites, and publications are the express property of the owners and all rights are reserved.  Copying, reproducing, or any unauthorized use is prohibited without our strict written consent.  Only lamewads steal other people's hard work.)

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